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“My first time drinking Singha was during my junior year in college. A friend and I were going to see a basketball game, and my friend handed me a bottle wrapped with brown paper, telling me it’s fresh squeezed orange juice. I knew it wasn’t orange juice because my friend is known for being a prankster, so I kinda knew it’s going to be something else. After the first sip, I was impressed with the taste of the beer, and I finished the entire bottle alone.” – Chef Chuck Valla.

Chuck is a private chef and caterer in the New York area, with a focus in the Hamptons, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. His cooking style originates from his family’s kitchen in Thailand. He grew up in a family kitchen where his grandpa was the butcher and grandma was an excellent Thai chef. He moved around the country learning about local ingredients and how to carefully select the best flavors for each dish. Now when cooking, he makes his own chili paste when it comes to curry dishes, sauces, and even sausages all thanks to my travels and memories in his family kitchen. He cooks the food the way his family cooked for him as he wants to show people what they make in Thailand can also be made here.

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