#SINGHASTORIES: Cooper Cheatham

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“My first Singha experience was one hot summer interning between school years in NYC. My friends had invited me to a painfully hip rooftop party in what was once just Williamsburg, but is now Bushwick. We had already consumed our beverages and decided to make a deli run to get more beer. In the Deli, I was scouring the beer selection when the Singha label jumped out at me and as all uneducated drinkers, I bought two six packs because the label was pretty. Back at the party, I opened my first bottle and took my first sip on this suffocating hot night, and it hit the proverbial spot. It actually tasted great! I wasn’t a big beer drinker, so I kept the beers I actually liked close to heart. Needless to say, the rest of the evening I bogarted a six pack all for myself.” – Cooper Cheatham

Cooper Cheatham was born & raised in Casper, WY but quickly moved to NYC to study at NYU, where after graduation he happened upon the liquor industry by chance, voraciously learning about cocktails, hospitality, spirits and the importance of good food & drink!


As the Proprietor of Double Barrel Consulting, he works with organizations like Speed Rack and brands Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch, St-Germain and Caliche Rum, with a focus in event production and marketing.

When he’s not traversing the country for his booze clients, he works tirelessly on the organization he founded,  The Gay & Lesbian Alliance for Spirited Sipping (GLASS), which is the first LGBT hospitality organization that unites LGBT spirits & hospitality professionals across the country (& beyond!) for professional networking and philanthropic goals alike. Though his work with GLASS, Cooper has been named to Zagat’s 30 Under 30 and Wine Enthusiast’s 40 Under 40.


If not on a plane or some other city that is not NYC, you can usually find him dining at restaurants or drinking in bars that his friends and loved ones work at, because a good meal & fine drink is incomplete without good company.

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