Sometimes it’s not just where you go, but the memories that you capture along the way. In more ways than one, this month’s Singha Stories feature is encapsulating even the shortest events into breathtaking, eternal stories. Today, he’s sharing his story with us.

Dustin Seidl Milky Way Jedi Battle

Dustin Seidl is 37 years old, hailing from Salt Lake City Utah. He works for the U.S. Air Force as a civilian program manager, overseeing a team that sustains multiple combat radar control and surveillance systems. We encountered Dustin’s story after he first discovered Singha on vacation in Phuket, Thailand.

“Two days into my vacation, my friends and I were relaxing on the beach and I was suggested to try [Singha],” says Dustin. “I’m not typically a lager type of person, but Singha had just the right flavor and density. It went down pretty easy, so I stuck to drinking it the remainder of my trip.”

“I’m passionate about not only traveling but making an adventure out of what a location has to offer. It often revolves around mountain biking, backpacking or photography. I’ll study a location or something that piques my interests, and I’ll do whatever I can to get there and make it happen.”

He says it’s even better coming home to editing some photos, later shared with the world on Instagram. His shot gallery is also shortly going live on his website, which is still in development.

“Traveling is something my family has always done,” says Dustin. “I’m a very adventurous and active person, and there’s always someplace I’ll put on the bucket list. Before you know it, I’m there.”

Dustin Seidl Eclipse Composition

“One of my favorite experiences has to be the 2017 eclipse. It was quite a logistical endeavor, all the way from planning out the location, to learning how to photograph it. I decided to backpack to Island Lake in the Wind River Range Wyoming, and I can remember the silence and awe from the few of us surrounding the lake during totality. I had to balance shooting it (nervously having been my first eclipse shot), and enjoying it with my own eyes. It was something I’ll never forget.”

Including his growing passion for travel and photography, Dustin has cemented a love for his job and gratification with his achievements in the field.

“I’m not a gung-ho “Murica” type of person, but my proudest achievements revolve largely around my career in helping the troops do what they need to do to get the job done. One of our systems aided the president’s decision in the operation that took down Osama Bin Laden. It was a definitely a highlight in my squadron knowing we helped close a chapter on the 9-11 tragedy. I absolutely love what I do.”

“I just got back from Thailand, but I’ll be traveling to B.C and Alberta Canada, Glacier National Park, San Diego, and all throughout the western U.S. Being new to the photography print world, I have plans to get my website up soon and have my photos into exhibits throughout the next year. It’s time to start showing people what I have and sharing my experiences with them. I’ll also be working with other photographers future projects and compositions…to be announced if you will.

Hard to see in the future, but I can see myself shifting my photography into surrealism and photo manipulations. I’ve loved it as an art form for some time, and I have a history 0f doing similar styles of compositions for CD covers for artists using Photoshop. So it’s deciding now how I can make what’s going on in my mind, come out artistically in a digital platform. Exciting times!

Dustin Seidl Chiang Mai Falls

Dustin Seidl's Life on Instagram

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