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“I remember going from audition to audition in NYC one day and being really stressed out. I ended the day drinking Singha Beer with my friends to unwind at a Thai restaurant and just sharing stories. We sat around the table talking about the different things that happened to us that day and ironically, we all shared our stories drinking this beer. Needless to say that a few years later when I went to Thailand, that’s all I drank.” –┬áJake Choi


Jake Choi is an American actor born and raised in Queens, New York. He has performed throughout New York on stage, film, TV and national commercials.

He has been acting and modeling since 2011, working in various plays, TV shows, indie films, commercials and print ranging from GQ spreads to a national Best Buy campaign that premiered during Super Bowl XLVII starring Amy Poehler to the NBC drama Law and Order: SVU. His recent film, Front Cover, has received praise from fans and critics, such as Hollywood Reporter, NY Times, LA Times, Variety, and Salon.com.

Jake is all about the creative process. He gets hyped about the idea of working with creative, inspiring people day in and day out, and he loves the intense, collaborative effort it takes to make this kind of work happen.


In his free time, he enjoys Muay Thai, basketball, and enjoying Singha Beer.

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