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Joanne’s first experience sipping Singha Beer is rooted in smiling faces seen on commercials. Read more below.

You know how beer commercials always try to sell you that feeling of friendship? There’s smiling faces, arms thrown around each other’s necks, heads tilted backwards in laughter – but the eyes aren’t really smiling. The friendship is manufactured by a crew of 20 people that exist just beyond the camera’s reach. To the viewer, it can leave you feeling a little flat and uninspired.

 The irony wasn’t lost on me as I sat around a Thai restaurant table in Queens, NYC, with two of my oldest, closest friends, Sean and Dan – all of us with Singha beers in hand, celebrating my new global ambassadorship for Singha Beer – and that feeling of friendship was REAL. I realized, in that moment, that I was living what advertisers pay millions of dollars to try to capture. I excitedly shared this revelation with my friends, who got it immediately, and we all laughed at the random craziness of it all.


This is what everyone in the world yearns for – real connection with people who know you better than anyone else, knowing you’re a part of something and you belong, knowing that you are loved…it was all there. It swirled around in my stomach, mixing with the bubbly effervescence of the Singha I was sipping [which I must say went fabulously well with the tongue-melting spice of my papaya salad], warming my heart, feeling like home.

That’s what Singha beer is to me: home. Singha beer is sharing a toast with friends to mark special occasions. And just being together – face to face, human to human, not a cell phone in sight – is the most special occasion of all. It’s lifting each other up. It’s letting down your hair and having fun, unwinding and not taking life so damn seriously all the time. Realizing that life is comprised of moments of time, and who you share those moments with and how those people make you feel, and how you make them feel – well, that becomes your life. And that life is a home you can take with you anywhere. That’s my #SinghaStory.” – Joanne Weaver.

With silky smooth vocals atop haunting electro-tinged soundscapes, Joanne Weaver presents her unique, psychedelic renditions of classic standards from the 40s, 50s and early 60s in her dual concept albums Interstellar Songbook and Interstellar Songbook II.

Joanne combines flavors of dreamy, electro ‘90s trip hop, sci-fi and tech noir cinema, the retro, dada quirkiness of American Filmmaker and TV Director David Lynch (Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks) and wraps it all up in a retro Hollywood, classic jazz chanteuse package—with an eerily haunting, outer space twist, that is.

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(Photo Credit: Joe Tanis Photography)

Born and raised in the burgeoning Silicon Valley scene in Sunnyvale, CA, Joanne lived and breathed music from the very beginning – as a toddler, she’d rock and sing herself to sleep each and every night, and a few years later, she was singing, playing piano regularly, and appeared in school plays and community theater musicals. After eschewing med school in favor of “just winging it”, she moved to NYC in 2001 and has performed with some of the finest musicians on Earth (and beyond).

She continues to perform and share her music with the world. While you’re listening to her music, you can enjoy a nice cold Singha Beer.

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