Did Singha discover Singer, or did Singer discover the Singha?

Good question.











Hailing from Orlando, Florida, 25-year-old Joshy Singer discovered his taste for Singha in a relatively unconventional way. With the nickname “Singa,” a play on his last name (and other things we’ll get to,) Joshy would occasionally find his friends tagging him in pictures of Singha Beer on his Instagram. Finally, on a visit with his wife and her family to his favorite Korean BBQ restaurant, he decided to try it for himself to see if he had shared more than just a name similarity with the beer.

Sharing a name and passion with Singha seemed more than a simple coincidence because Joshy found himself enjoying thoroughly enjoying his first bottle. Now, Joshy says that it has become one of his favorite brews.joshysinger_17934418_441991562821665_3502781267110264832_n

Everything that Joshy does revolves around his passion for music. When he isn’t out touring with his band, Blessing A Curse, he works for his label, Smartpunk Records, sending out vinyl records and working live music events.

“My passion is definitely music,” says Joshy. “My dad was a professional jazz musician and taught me to play clarinet when I was little, even though I hated it. Eventually, I picked up a guitar and discovered I enjoyed coming up with melodies and trying to pluck them out.”

Joshy Singer, Center Stage

In high school, Joshy joined a metal band as their bass player/backup screamer, and eventually started singing in his own bands, years after graduating.

Today, Joshy’s passion has taken him around the world. Some of his fondest memories to date are his band touring Europe and the west coast of the United States and playing the main stage of Playlist Live two times.Joshy Singer

Currently, Joshy says he and his band are writing their second full-length album, hopefully, to be recorded later this year. Hopefully, one of those tracks will help Joshy reach his end goal of winning a Grammy. For him, it’s all just a part of the journey.

Singha and company will definitely keep listening out for you, Joshy.


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