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“I worked at a sushi restaurant in Indianapolis called Naked Tchopstix when I was in college. The first time I drank a Singha beer was after I turned 21 and was able to enjoy my first meal and couple of beers at the bar on the 21+ side of the restaurant! It only took 4 years!” – Marissa Huth

Many people in the bartending world know Marissa Huth as the winner of Speed Rack Chicago, an all-female speed bartending competition, and being listed by the Chicago Tribune as one of the up-and-coming mixologist to look watch.  But her background actually started in research.

Marissa moved to Chicago at the beginning of July after completing her Master’s Degree in Sociology. In addition to being a research assistant and a teacher’s assistant, she had been bartending at my first cocktail bar – Plat 99 in the Alexander Hotel.


She immediately started working at Bordel in Wicker Park, and became the bar manager in September. In October, Bordel did a pop up at Portland Cocktail Week. She participated in and won her first Speed Rack Chicago in November. Bordel rolled out its winter menu in December, which is the first menu she has been a part of conceptually. In January, she worked the apprentice cocktail program at San Antonio Cocktail Convention – Bordel also did a pop up at this convention as well.


Future plans include continuing to create a national presence for Bordel while constantly working to further hospitality goals and conceptualizing new and innovative cocktail menus with balanced and fun drinks. She will be traveling to New York in May to compete in Speed Rack Nationals, and traveling to Ireland over the summer to tour the Jameson distillery in Dublin. She will also be working increase her knowledge of spirits and elevate my hospitality game.

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Cannot get other user media. API shut down by Instagram. Sorry. Display only your media.