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Thai New Year (aka Songkran) is celebrated in many different ways throughout Thailand. Some take this period of time to visit family elders, some join in on one of the largest water fights in the world, and others simply just take this time to clean their homes.

With 20,000+ people in attendance, this past Sunday marked the 9th annual Thai New Year festival held in Hollywood, CA. We like to think that our beer garden has become one of the main attractions for anyone 21+. Then again, we might be a little bias.

The day started out with 23 mph winds that turned our umbrellas into spears and had the Fire Marshall threatening to cancel the whole event.

After taking down all the umbrellas and waiting for the wind to die down a bit, our girls went out and did some recruiting

You wouldn’t believe how popular these little foam visors are…

Our girls getting ready to open the beer garden. The show must go on!

DJ Mint cranking up the music to help pull in the crowd.

Kristy (left) and her friends have been the first people in line 4 years running.

The umbrellas eventually went back up and all was good in the world again.

Jo, Peter, and Hanh tweeting away in the VIP area as they wait for Jitlada to arrive.

In addition to being in the most awesome beer garden on this side of the Mississippi, the festival had a little something for everyone. Besides Singha, Thai food is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Thailand.

One of the street vendors holds up the crowd favorite of sticky rice and a marinated chicken kabob


The difference between Thai fried rice and Chinese fried rice? The guy making Thai fried rice is Thai and the guy making Chinese fried rice is Chinese.

All kidding aside, usually Chinese fried rice is just a bit dryer and Thai fried rice includes more vegetables (tomatoes, onions, etc).

Thai desserts

Fresh ripe mangoes ready for mango and coconut sticky rice.

Usually the Muay Thai ring is positioned right in front of the beer garden, but this year LAPD suggested that it be moved down the street in order to help keep testosterone levels at bay. We didn’t mind since they replaced the Muay Thai ring with the Miss Thai Town beauty contest. 

The ladies later changed into more traditional outfits made of Thai silk.

She might have the same head piece designer as Lady Gaga.

Thousands gather as Muay Thai clans from all over Southern California converge to put  on a show.

Until next year…

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Photos by Dandee