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Singha’s still golden after all these years. We participate in a lot of beer festivals mostly because you demand it but also because we just love beer. We love fans dropping by at beer fests, asking for a pour, and sharing a good Singha story with us whether it’s about a party, at a beach, or while partying at a beach in Thailand. This year we hit up the Calgary International Beer Festival and showed that old lions are around for a reason. Since setting a gold standard for ourselves starting in 1933, we’ve been racking up gold medals ever since. At this past Calgary International Beer Festival we won again by taking home the gold for Best Pilsnar and took third place for best Light Lager! We couldn’t be more honored. We make Singha for our fans and and we’ve always known our fans have good taste! So cheers to the Singha drinker!

Thank you,
Mr. Singha