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This weekend is an exciting one for music fans in upstate New York. Basilica Hudson, a reclaimed 19th century waterfront factory turned event space, is hosting the Basilica Music Festival in association with Pitchfork. The two-day (Aug. 10-11) event is run by creative directors Melissa Auf der Maur (formerly of Hole and Smashing Pumpkins) and filmmaker Tony Stone and features music, art, camping and a sunset cruise. This isn’t a typical music festival by any means as the art aspect will be featured just as heavily as the music side of things. Friday night will feature heavy, eclectic collection of performances presented by resident Pitchfork metal enthusiast Brandon Stosuy (Show No Mercy). Performers include Liturgy, Mick Barr, C. Lavender, Brian Dewan, a DJ set by Rainbow in the Dark and an installation of kinetic sculptures by Kris Perry. On Saturday, Brian DeRan (Gleam House/Leg Up! Management) curates “Neidan!” which features of more mellow, spacey night of musicians including Gang Gang Dance, Prince Rama, the Psychic Paramount, and Hiro Kone. Saturday’s evening performances will also feature collaborations with artists Chris Kachulis, Frank Haines and Reuben Lorch-Miller. Art exhibition “Suggested Destination” will also be on view, featuring work by Larry Clark, Jim Krewson, Sadie Laska, William Stone, Nancy Barber, Jonesy, Pia Dehne, Rose Kallal, Todd Jordan, and Tammy Schnabel.

For more info follow the Basilica Music Festival’s Twitter or visit their website. Individual tickets are $15 each and can be bought here.

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