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After touching down in Bangkok and unwinding a bit at the Centara Hotel, the Hops ‘N Spice crew were back on the adventure trail. Their first day was spent making their way through the streets of Bangkok.

First, the food! Chris and Jo got to dine on some Fish Balls in Curry.

Followed by some more… unusual offerings. Jo loved the Fried Duck Mouths while Chris attracted some curious onlookers.

Then Hops ‘N Spice crew got an exclusive tour of the Grand Palace. Although tours of the outside grounds are common, getting into the Palace is a rare event. The crew did get a rare glimpse inside on of Thailand’s most honored and historic sites. Unfortunately, no video or photos were allowed to be taken inside. They did, however, meet a man they dubbed “The General.” At 68-years-young, “The General” was the Royal Senior Tour Guide and had been working at the Palace since 1969.

After touring the Grand Palace is was off to see where the magic of Singha happens: The Singha Brewery.

Later, after a full tour and a few beers at the Singha Brewery, the Hops ‘N Spice crew walked through a nearby outdoor market where they came across one of the most notorious members of Southeast Asian cuisine: Durian. Nicknamed the King of Fruits, most people either love the rich, custard-like texture of this spike fruit or are repulsed by it’s strong odor which has led it to be banned in subways and some hotels in the area. Chris seemed to be part of former as he happy ate his share of the unique fruit.

The night seemed to have treated the Hops ‘N Spice crew well. The next morning, Jo Instagram’ed a hangover’s worst enemy… the Congee breakfast bar.

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