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A while ago we presented a method of cooling down your beer when you’re out in the wild with just a tissue and some water. But what if you just got home with a 6-pack of Singha and time is of the essence (we know the cruelty of having to watch the beginning of a game without a beer in hand) to get your beer temperature down to a refreshing temperature? Like the old adage goes, “Needs more salt.” If you have ice, water, a cooler (a large pot or bucket will work just fine) then you’re all set to have an ice cold beer in less than 5 minutes.

5 easy steps to ice cold Singha:
1. Take your bottles of Singha and place them in your cooler
2. Fill with ice so that the bottles are buried up to the neck
3. Add a generous amount of salt
4. Now fill with water
5. Wait 3-5 minutes an enjoy an ice cold beer

Why it works
Sure, you can use just ice, but ice is bulky with lots of edges that doesn’t leave for many points of contact with the bottles. Adding water takes care of the contact issue but it’s the salt that really makes the mercury drop. Salt lowers the freezing temperature of which results in a really, really cold water surrounding your beloved Singha.

Mr. Singha